A word regarding our current services:

My team and I would like to acknowledge how difficult this time is for many and how challenging it can be to find a quality therapist with the current high demand for services.

We are doing our best to assist you in whatever way we can within our professional scope, as is always our goal. However, because of the increase in demand, we realize that our ability to keep up may have slipped a bit on occasion. Perhaps we have missed a text or an email or have not been able to respond to you as promptly as we normally would. Please know that we do care - now more than ever - and these “oops” moments are truly just that.

We remain committed to our high standards of care and are working hard to assist everyone who needs us. Should you experience an oversight in working with one of our team members, we ask for your understanding. We want you to know that it is our goal to continue to provide the level of care you have come to expect from our team and we appreciate your patience.


Enhancing Your Well-Being

"Often the greatest challenge isn't letting go of the dream you thought your life would be, but allowing yourself to have a new dream"

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